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CBC Cosmetics & Laser Clinic

CBC Aesthetics Group is the pioneer of cosmetics laser and injectables technologies with services including Skin Care, MTS, RF, Laser and Light, Cosmetic Injectables, Body Slimming, and Make-Up. 

CBC Aesthetics Group has over 500 branches chain in Asia. CBC expert team develops new services and treatments and always at the forefront of the most advanced technologies. We aim to provide 100% satisfying services to our customers. With 7-year development in Australia, CBC Cabramatta has become the largest one-stop cosmetics and laser clinic in western Sydney. 

As the only approved laser clinic in Cabramatta with all 5 types TGA certificated laser equipment and products and TGA injectables medicine operated by aesthetics doctors and nurses and therapist team with 20-year experience and consistent training, we have become one of the top few cosmetics laser clinics in Sydney capable of gold standard combination treatments for all skin problems and guarantee 100% safety for the best possible results. 

Celebrating of our 7-year anniversary, CBC Cabramatta slimming club utilizes fat burning and muscle stimulation equipment together with consultation, diet plan and dance club for the best slimming results.

Safe and Effective Solutions for all skin problems

Combination Therapy of Cosmetics Laser and Light, injectables and fillers, and products.

  • Pigmentation

  • Acne

  • Scars

  • Wrinkle

  • Redness

  • Skin Disease

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